Jun. 4th, 2016

frescadp: (Hutch & Starsky)
These are the original screencaps that I used in my "come a little bit closer" photo manipulations. They're already very intimate... It was interesting to take them a little farther. Or, rather, closer. (I couldn't bring them any closer together than I did or the eye contact and body angles went all wonky.)

The numbers of these originals correspond to the photo manips in the "Come a Little Bit Closer" post, above.








frescadp: (Hutch & Starsky)

I've started a new project, moving Starsky & Hutch a little bit closer to each other through the blessing (? curse?) of digital photomanipulation-that-looks-so-easy-
and-three-hours-later-you-have-to-start-all-over-because-you-just-can't-get-Hutch's-hair-right magic.

It feels almost pointless to do this because Starsky & Hutch already stand so close (so, so close) and look so intimately at each other, as you know.
But it's interesting to see how the mood shifts––or doesn't––when the gap closes. (And who minds spending a few hours looking at the boys anyway?)

I couldn't take them any closer than I have here without eye contact, especially, getting way out of alignment. That was probably the trickiest thing to get right. Also, disclaimer:
I don't have Photoshop, so these are not seamless. Don't look too, too close...

I'm a little embarrassed to admit (*bad fan*) that I don't know the names of each of the source episodes. If you do, please feel free to let me know in the comments--suitable quotes (and photo suggestions) welcome too!

I'm curious which manips work best, if you care to say.
(I have my favorites, of course).

In case the original stills aren't already burned onto your retinas (aren't they?), I posted them separately (in the previous post), here: "Mind the Gap".

And now-- Starsky and Hutch with a lot less air between them.

1. "I happen to be a virgin in these woods myself."




5. Garage I

6. Garage II

7. Reel You In


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